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Auction Details

South Auction and Realty
The Estate of David Bailey - October 3- 9, 2019

Item Description


**CLICK HERE for a how to video to view only the items you are bidding on.**

SAR representatives will be on site Saurday, October 5th from 8-11 AM and Tuesday, October 8th from 4 to 7 PM for inspection and to answer any questions about the auction.
All items are located at 327 Modoc Road Swainsboro, GA 30401

We strongly encourage bidders to come inspect items for themselves.
Items are described to the best of our abilities, but with no guarantee of accuracy.

For more information contact Alex Grovenstein at: 912-657-1831 or alex@southauctiongroup.com

Pickup dates/times are: Thursday and Friday, October 10th and 11th from 9 AM to 3 PM. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD!

2.Practice bidding here. You can experiment with different increments and bidding strategies before you dive into the real thing.
3.2005 Ford Mustang. V6, 5 speed manual transmission. 88,069 miles. Runs and drives with no problems. Good Michelin tires. Aftermarket Pioneer radio and cold air intake. Convertible top has some wear and stitching separation. Small dent in driver's side door. Gear shift knob is broken, but does not affect functionality. Interested bidders are encouraged to come inspect the car in person and even test drive it. No sales tax charged as the winning bidder will settle TAVT in their county of registration. Clean Georgia title will be transferred to winning bidder.
4.1994 Ford Mustang GT. 5.0 HO and 5 speed manual transmission. 82,765 miles. runs and drives as it should. AC does not work. Interior is well worn. Exterior is in good original condition. Tires are average, but definitely road worthy. Ignition switch has been removed, but the car cranks as it should with the key. Interested bidders are encouraged to inspect this car in person and even take it for a test drive. No sales tax charged as the winning bidder will settle TAVT in their county of registration. Clean Georgia title will be transferred to winning bidder
5.1999 Ford mustang GT. 4.6 v8 and 5 speed manual transmission. Odometer is blank. True mileage unknown. Not currently in running condition, last running in 2017. Interior is an average condition, exterior is in fair condition, but heavily soiled. Front valance is unattached. Right rear exhaust pipe is hanging. Interested bidders are encouraged to inspect this car in person. No sales tax charged as the winning bidder will settle TAVT in their county of registration. Clean Georgia title will be transferred to winning bidder
6.1964 Mercury Comet. Straight 6 and 3 speed on the column. All glass is in good original shape. Doors and hood all open properly. Body is straight with some rust, floor pans are fairly heavily rusted. Not in running condition, last running in 2005. Flat right rear tire, locked up left front wheel. No sales tax charged. No title exists, sold on a bill of sale. Interested bidders are encouraged to inspect this car in person.
7.2001 Trail Bay 26BH 26' travel trailer. Good used condition with no leaks. Includes roll out awning, TV, air conditioner and normal camper kitchen. Slightly oversized bathroom. Sleeps 6. Everything works as it should. One area of body damage has been covered with a metal sign and does not leak. Interested bidders are encouraged to inspect the camper in person. Sold on a bill of sale.
8.Vintage Coca Cola sign. Marked "Bailey's Sta." 56x32
9.Vintage Nehi Sign. Birdshot damage. 40"
10.Vintage Have a Coke sign. Fair condition. 55x19
11.Vintage Pause Coca Cola sign. Fair condition. 41x19
12.Small porcelain Cushman sign. 8x11
13.Vintage metal Lance rack with 4 original jars and lids. Rare item.
14.Vintage Coca Cola chest cooler. 44x30x38. Includes original compressor and plumbing, but not in working condition. Inside bottom is fairly heavily rusted. Missing front left grate, but it does still have the back grate and cap catcher. Great restoration candidate.
15.Vintage 60s era Coca Cola bottle machine. Cavalier model CS-64E. Includes key. 25x21x55. Working condition unknown.
16.Vintage 60s era Coca Cola can machine. Vendo model V125. 32x24x65. No key. Working condition unknown.
17.Vintage Coca Cola bottle return rack. Includes 3 vintage wooden crates. 49"tall
18.Vintage 4 tier metal nail bin. 69" tall to the scale bracket. Sitting on a wooden pedestal. Great original condition with no bends.
19.Vintage lighted Coca Cola clock by Hanover. 16x16. Good cabinet, but not in working order
20.Vintage lighted Coca Cola Clock by Hanover. 16x16. Good cabinet, but not in working order.
21.Vintage southern pottery jar. Marked Applebee & Helmey. 11" Heavily cracked
22.Vintage southern pottery churn. Marked JJ Childs. 16" tall. Several cracks
23.Vintage southern pottery stacker jug. 13 1/2" Small cracks
24.Lot of 2 vintage southern pottery jugs
25.Vintage southern pottery chicken waterer
26.Vintage clay Herty tar cup
27.Vintage blob top wine bottle with woven basketry cover/handle. 13"
28.Lot of 2 railroad spike folk art pieces
29.1941 GA license plate. Has been repainted.
30.Lot of 3 vintage GA license plates. 1947 and 1948 x2. 2 have been repainted.
31.1949 GA license plate with National AA vanity decoration on top
32.Lot of 3 1950 GA license plates and one plate topper
33.Lot of 5 vintage GA license plates 1951, 52 x4
34.Lot of 4 vintage GA license plates. 1953, 54 x2, 55
35.Lot of 5 vintage GA liense plates. 1957, 58 x2, 59x2
36.Bulk lot of 14 1960s era GA license plates
37.Bulk lot of 18 1960s era GA license plates
38.Lot of 5 1970 GA license plates
39.Lot of 7 1970s SC license plates
40.Lot of 4 vintage license plates. Florida motorcycle 1970, Florida 1956, Indiana 1973, California 1963
41.Lot of 3 vintage license plate toppers
42.Lot of 5 sports specialty license plates
43.Lot of 14 GA Hobby/Antique license plates
44.Lot of 19 miscellaneous GA specialty license plates
45.Lot of 22 GA Give Wildlife a Chance specialty license plates.
46.Bulk lot of miscellaneous frontal plates. Count unknown
47.Large Bulk lot of 1980s and 1990s GA license plates. Count unknown.
48.Lot of 8 Continental Can metal property marker signs. 7x7
49.Lot of 2 porcelain Bell cable marker signs. 3 1/2 x7
50.Lot of 2 porcelain Bell cable marker signs and one number sign. 3 1/2 x7
51.Vintage Coca Cola partial sign. 47x42
52.Vintage Coca Cola Sign. 36x24
53.Vintage Bowen Brothers Paint sign. 44x21
54.Vintage Gulftane sign. 13x36
55.Vintage Queen Cola sign. 28x10
56.Vintage Hester Batteries sign. 10x20
57.Vintage Buffalo Rock Cola sign. 30x14
58.Vintage Pilot International sign. 23"
59.Vintage Tree Farm sign. 23"
60.Vintage Tree Farm sign. 23"
61.Vintage Pure button aluminum sign. 15"
62.Bell South Olympics flange sign. 18x18
63.Bell South Olympics flange sign. 18x18
64.Metal Wix (26x23) and Busch (22x28) signs
65.Lot of 3 speed limit signs
66.2 road signs. No Parking, lights on when raining
67.Statesboro Sign. 12x48
68.Georgia State Patrol Post sign. 24x36
69.Road Sign. Garfield and Twin City. 24x48
70.Road Sign. Stillmore and Twin City. 24x48
71.RR Crossing sign. 30"
72.No Passing Zone sign. 34"
73.School Bus Stop Ahead sign. 36"
74.Redlight Ahead Sign. 36"
75.Caution sign. 34"
76.Lot of 3 Road Construction signs. 24x48, 36x60
77.Hwy 301 sign. 24"
78.Hwy 221 sign. 24"
79.Hwy 80 sign. 24"
80.Hwy 1 sign. 24"
81.Hwy 17 sign 24"
82.Hwy 24 sign. 24"
83.Hwy 16 sign. 24"
84.Miscellaneous sign lot including arrows, JCT, Business, End, To. 12x24, 14x18
85.2002 Screven County State Champions sign. 24x36
86.Bulk lot of miscellaneous signs. 1977 Wrens Allstars, Coke menu signs x2, LED stop sign, and damaged road signs
87.John Deere 920 combine shield and Napa flex sign
88.Lot of 2 vintage plastic Shell signs. 11x12
89.Fire Chief and Popsicle signs. 15x11 and 15x6. Porcelain reproductions.
90.Reproduction sign lot of 4. Phillips 66, Shell, Texaco
91.Lot of 2 reproduction thermometers. Texaco and HotRod
92.Lot of 4 vintage glass oil bottles. 2 have reproduction stickers.
93.Lot of 11 reproduction glass oil bottles with original metal carrying rack.
94.Lot of 12 vintage metal oil cans.
95.Lot of 9 vintage oil pour spouts
96.Lot of 6 vintage metal oil cans with pour spouts
97.Lot of 2 vintage insecticide sprayers. Gulf and Black Flag
98.Lot of 12 reproduction oil cans on display rack.
99.Lot of 5 vintage metal oil cans
100.Lot of 9 full vintage metal oil cans
101.Lot of 5 vintage metal oil cans
102.Lot of 6 full vintage auto fluid cans.
103.Lot of 5 vintage metal oil cans
104.Lot of 4 vintage metal aircraft oil cans
105.Gulfpride vintage metal oil can 1 gallon
106.Lot of 3 painted fantasy 1 gallon gas cans
107.Lot of 4 vintage metal oil pouring cans
108.Lot of 7 small vintage oil product cans
109.Lot of 7 small vintage oil product cans
110.Lot of 3 vintage 2 gallon metal oil cans
111.Lot of 6 vintage 1 gallon metal oil cans
112.Lot of 2 vintage 5 gallon metal oil cans
113.Bulk lot of 18 newer and fantasy painted oil dispenser cans
114.Bulk lot of 19 vintage metal oil dispensign cans
115.Bulk lot of 8 vintage metal oil dispensing cans
116.Bulk lot of 5 vintage metal oil dispensing cans
117.Lot of 2 vintage Castrol 16 gallon oil cans
118.Vintage Gulf 16 gallon oil can and smaller painted fantasy Gulf can
119.Vintage Carter Carburetor metal parts cabinet. 7 1/2" x25" x6"
120.Vintage 5 gallon military gas can
121.Vintage RC Cola thermometer. 10x26. Good glass
122.Vintage Coca Cola thermometer. 5x17. Good glass
123.Vintage Pepsi thermometer. 8x27. Good glass
124.Vintage Coca Cola thermometer. 9x29. Good glass.
125.Vintage metal milk can with cast iron pitcher pump attached to the top. 43" tall
126.Vintage Gulf Refining Co can. Repainted. 24" tall
127.Vintage oil can marked Davis Welding & Manufacturing. 22" tall
128.Vintage Ellisco Sinclair gas can. Repainted. 26"tall
129.Vintage Gulf Refining Co. can. Repainted. 24" tall
130.Vintage milk can. 18" tall
131.Vintage stainless Borden milk can. Macon GA. 21" tall
132.Vintage metal milk can. 23" tall
133.Vintage metal milk can. 23" tall. Heavy damage on bottom.
134.Vintage metal milk can. 23" tall
135.Vintage metal milk can. 23" tall
136.Vintage metal milk can. 23" tall
137.Vintage metal milk can. 23" tall
138.Lot of 2 painted harrow disks
139.Vintage Schwinn Debutante bicycle. Appears in complete original condition. No tires.
140.Vintage Roadmaster Jr child's bicycle. Missing chain, otherwise complete.
141.Vintage school playground Angelis tricycle by Nursery Toys
142.Radio Flyer tricycle, ride on toy and child's wheelbarrow
143.Lot of 2 vintage strollers
144.Jet Flow fire ride pedal car by Slide Rides
145.Coca Cola pedal car by Gearbox
146.Vintage Jet Flow pedal car by Murray
147.Volkswagen pedal car by Sportesters
148.Dump Track trailer for pedal car by Murray
149.Ford Pedal Tractor by Ertl. Model F-68. Missing front wheels. Repainted
150.Ford Pedal Tractor by Ertl. Model F-68. Repainted.
151.John Deere pedal tractor by Ertl.
152.Vintage pedal tractor and trailer by AMF. Missing seat and steering wheel. Chain drive not functional.
153.Vintage Mercedes battery powered car by Young Master?. Missing left front tire.
154.Vintage fire pedal car. Body only. Poor condition
155.Vintage road scraper by Model Toys. 26"
156.Vintage Texaco fuel truck by Buddy L
157.Vintage Texaco fuel truck by Park USA
158.Antique metal toy train. Heavy. Possibly a ride on toy. No makers mark visible. Marked "3000" 28" long. Lot includes 2 model trains (engine and rail car) in original boxes by Globe.
159.Vintage Buddy L truck and trailer
160.Lot of 2 Vintage Buddy L station wagons
161.Vintage Tonka concrete truck
162.Vintage Tonka pickup truck
163.Vintage Ertl flatbed truck
164.Vintage windup car by Kingsbury toys
165.Antique metal toy truck. No makers mark visible
166.Antique metal toy truck. No makers mark visible
167.Vintage Buddy L Coca Cola delivery truck
168.Antique metal toy truck. No makers mark visible
169.Lot of 2 antique trucks by Huley
170.Lot of 4 Model T and Model A diecast replicas
171.HUGE bulk lot of 14 various Ford Mustang diecast replicas. 1/18, 1/24 and 1/43. Danbury Mint, Mira, SunnySide, Arco and more
172.SnapOn replica toolbox with Mustang decor.
173.Vintage Nylint fire truck
174.Lot of 5 vintage Nylint trucks
175.Bulk lot of 7 tonka toys
176.Bulk lot of 6 tonka toys
177.Miscellaneous lot of 6 toy trucks
178.Giant bulk lot of miscellaneous toy cars, trucks, tractors and more. Count unknown.
179.Vintage Ford toy tractor by Ertl. Missing roof
180.Vintage Ford toy backhoe by Ertl. Missing cab
181.Vintage Ertl toy tractor, harrow and trailer
182.Vintage John Deere tractor and hay rake by Ertl
183.Vintage Massey Ferguson tractor by Ertl
184.Vintage John Deere truck, hay bailer, manuer spreader by Ertl
185.Vintage tractor bulk lot inluding 4 Ertl tractors and 2 implements by Model Toys
186.BellSouth, Georgia Power Utility truck lot of 4
187.Lot of 5 miscellaneous diecast replicas
188.Bill Elliot plastic car, 427 SOCH engine replica and Wood Brother car
189.Lot of 5 diecast replicas by MotorMax
190.Lot of 7 model car kits
191.Lot of 4 Coca Cola diecast replicas
192.Bulk lot of approximately 34 reproduction Coca Cola trays
193.Wagon made from vintage wooden Coca Cola Crate
194.Bulk lot of vintage Coca Cola paper memoribilia in poster frames
195.Vintage Coca Cola table tennis set
196.Bulk lot of miscellaneous Coca Cola collectibles including cars, radios, drink machines, salt and pepper shaker and more
197.Replica Coca Cola cooler, glasses, radio and gift set.
198.Bulk lot of 8 Hess trucks in original packaging
199.Lot of 2 Hess trucks with airplanes
200.Lot of 4 Hess Trucks
201.Bulk lot of Hess police car, SUV, helicopter, RV, 3 utility trucks and more
202.Lot of 3 Hess Trucks
203.Lot of 3 vintage toys. Tootsie and Hubley
204.Lot of 6 various car coin banks
205.Lot of 4 1/43 scale diecast police cars
206.Lot of 7 various vintage tin toy cars
207.Bulk lot of 14 model ships
208.Miscellaneous lot including bowling pins, drive in tray and unknown metal container
209.Lot of 5 miscellaneous vintage toys including Alice in Wonderland record player, top, lunchbox, tin toys
210.Vintage toy lot including American Logs, Microscope and Pez Dispensers
211.Vintage Coca Cola case display rack / cart. 19x57
212.Vintage Coca Cola case display rack / cart. 16x53
213.Vintage Coca Cola case display rack / cart. 24x40
214.Vintage Coca Cola cooler. 16x19x19
215.Vintage Pepsi Cooler. No top. 16x14x16
216.Lot of 24 various vintage drink bottles in wooden crate
217.Lot of 24 various vintage drink bottles in plastic crate
218.Lot of 24 various vintage drink bottles in wooden crate
219.Lot of 24 various vintage drink bottles in wooden crate
220.Lot of 24 various vintage drink bottles in wooden crate
221.Lot of 24 various vintage drink bottles in wooden crate
222.Lot of 24 various vintage drink bottles in wooden crate
223.Lot of 24 various vintage drink bottles in wooden crate
224.Lot of 24 various vintage drink bottles in wooden crate
225.Lot of 24 various vintage drink bottles in wooden crate
226.Lot of 24 various vintage drink bottles in wooden crate
227.Lot of 24 various vintage drink bottles in wooden crate
228.Lot of 24 various vintage drink bottles in wooden crate
229.Lot of 24 various vintage drink bottles in wooden crate
230.Lot of 24 various vintage drink bottles in wooden crate
231.Lot of 24 various vintage drink bottles in wooden crate
232.Lot of 24 various vintage drink bottles in wooden crate
233.Lot of 24 various vintage drink bottles in wooden crate
234.Lot of 24 various vintage drink bottles in wooden crate
235.Lot of 24 various vintage drink bottles in wooden crate
236.Lot of 24 various vintage drink bottles in wooden crate
237.Lot of 24 various vintage drink bottles in wooden crate
238.Vintage aluminum Coca Cola 6 pack carrier with drinks
239.Vintage aluminum Coca Cola 6 pack carrier with drinks
240.Vintage cardboard Coca Cola 6 pack carrier with drinks
241.Vintage repainted 7 Up 6 pack carrier with bottles
242.Vintage aluminum Pepsi 6 pack carrier with drinks
243.Vintage aluminum Coca Cola 12 pack carrier with various bottles
244.lot of 7 vintage bottles. Cool Moon, Sun Sweet Fruit Ale, Orange Crush, Double Straight Sugar Beverage, Icy Brook, Lotta Cola, Par-T-Pack
245.Lot of 6 vintage bottles. Quality Brand Soda Water, 3 Cent Drink, Gould Beverage, RC embossed, NuGrape, Dixie Dew
246.Lot of 6 vintage bottles. 3 Cent Drink, Botl-O, RC embossed, Orange Crush, Peters Beverages, Nehi
247.Lot of 24 various vintage drink bottles in aluminum crate
248.Lot of 24 various college football champion bottles in wooden crate. Georgia, Georgia southern, Georgia Tech, Alabama, Clemson
249.Lot of 5 GA Bulldog beer cans and one Clemson Orange Soda
250.Lot of 3 bottle openers, Georgia Tech, Schlitz, Pepsi
251.Lot of 2 Coca Cola Starr bottle openers
252.Lot of 2 Coca Cola Starr bottle openers
253.Coca Cola Starr Bottle opener
254.Vintage Brass Coca Cola bottle opener
255.Vintage glass Schwartz's Pickle jar
256.Vintage Toms Toasted Peanuts Jar
257.Vintage Toms Toasted Peanuts Jar
258.Vintage Smith & Wesson break top 38 pistol. No grips.
259.Lot of 6 vintage wooden drink crates. RC, Coca Cola x2, Pepsi x2, and Canada Dry
260.Lot of 6 vintage wooden drink crates. RC x2, Coca Cola x4
261.Lot of 5 vintage wooden drink crates. Pepsi x2, Coca Cola red, Coca Cola yellow, RC
262.Lot of 7 better condition wooden drink crates. Orange Crush, Coca Cola yellow, Coca Cola red, Pepsi older, Pepsi yellow, RC, 7 Up
263.Vintage cast iron bell with bracket. Complete with no breaks, but pitted in some areas. Marked "Crystal Metal" and "2"
264.Lot of 21 vintage glass telephone insulators including 2 red and 2 purple, 10 blue/green, 7 clear. Several different designs
265.Miscellaneous lot of 20 vintage to antique wrenches and tools
266.Vintage Wilton 4" vise. Does not have a base plate
267.Antique cast iron ice tongs
268.Lot of 6 various axe heads and 1 hoe head
269.Lot of 7 antique tools including drills, hooks and hatchets
270.Antique Black Hawk corn sheller and cast iron cornbread pan (marked 7S)
271.Cast iron kettle. No visible makers marks
272.Cast iron kettle. No visible makers marks
273.Cast iron kettle. Marked "Terstegge, Gohmann & Co"
274.Cast iron burner and lead smelting pot. Pot is marked Cosper. Burner is marked Coss Gas Inc. Includes 14 lbs of lead
275.Antique cast iron 2 gallon pot. Marked IAS & Co 7
276.Antique cast iron 1 gallon pot. Faint gate mark on bottom
277.Antique cast iron wagon wheel. 34"
278.Lot of 5 vintage metal singletrees
279.Lot of 2 antique wooden singletrees
280.Lot of 2 antique log rollers
281.Antique crosscut saw. 70". Missing one handle
282.Antique crosscut saw. 70". Good complete condition with both handles
283.Antique crosscut saw. 78". Blade only
284.Antique crosscut saw. 70". Good complete condition with both handles
285.Antique hand saw. 53"
286.Lot of 2 antique drawing knives
287.Lot of 2 antique scythes. Complete with handles
288.Antique scythe. Complete with handle and basket. Basket has one small break
289.Antique scythe. Complete with handle and basket.
290.Lot of 2 original Sinclair H-C gas pump glass inserts. Marked 373-K-252-1. Application unknown.
291.Vintage gas pump doors. Orange porcelain paint. Octagonal window. Believed to be for Bennett pump
292.Vintage gas pump doors. Orange porcelain paint. Rectangular window. Believed to be for Bennett pump
293.Antique visible gas pump measuring numbers. Nice original condition.
294.Vintage Erie porcelain gas pump face.
295.Vintage Bowser porcelain gas pump face.
296.Miscellaneous lot including small Gilbarco porcelain gas pump face and 4 small porcelain lead signs
297.Vintage Bowser 575 gas pump. Good for parts or a good restoration candidate. Missing handle, glass and one face. Completeness unknown.
298.Vintage Tokheim 286 SC gas pump. Appears to have been repainted with incorrect face and handle. Completeness unknown
299.Vintage Gilbarco gas pump. Metal is heavily rusted and it is missing glass. Good for parts or restoration. Completeness unknown
300.Vintage Erie gas pump. Missing glass, bezel on one side, and bottom doors
301.Vintage Coca Cola machine. Dixie-Narco model DN174-6. Complete, but working condition unknown. Open, but does not have keys
302.Vintage Lance vending machine. Great original condition. No keys. 25x12x59
303.Vintage Lance vending machine. Missing bac right leg, but otherwise appears complete. No keys. 25x13x61
304.Vintage Lance vending machine. Good original condition with some rust. No keys. 38x17x64
305.Vintage coca cola bottle machine. Vendo model V63-7. Lock is missing, but it is open. Appears complete
306.Vintage Fleetwood Fawn model 20 cigarette vending machine. Includes key. Appears complete. 38x20x51.
307.Vintage cigarette display rack. Includes empty boxes. 28x7x36. Lot also includes small metal Marlboro rack and miscellaneous vintage lighters
308.Antique Frezone icebox. Includes original glass water jug. Appears to be all original with all hardware and parts.
309.Early Montgomery Ward electric washing machine.
310.Vintage Singer sewing machine and small Hotpoint TV
311.Lot of 49 collector knives. These have been through a house fire. Some are damaged, but most are okay. Cases are smutty.
312.Vintage fishing lure lot including Mann's Little George x5 and Mepps x4
313.Texaco Tourguide counter top display including 20 vintage roadmaps
314.Antique Monophone telephone. No cord.
315.Bulk lot of 5 bakelite telephones. various colors and shapes.
316.Miscellaneous bulk lot of costume jewelry and watches.
317.Vintage Bostrom model 7C surveying instrument. Includes original wooden box
318.Wooden boat shelf with 13 vintage milk bottles and one bottle full of milk caps. 4' tall
319.Lot of 2 Superior Dairy wooden crates and 24 pint bottles
320.Lot of 27 vintage quart milk bottles and 3 crates
321.Lot of 5 vintage metal milk crates
322.Large bulk lot of 27 vintage mason jars 22 with zinc lids, 5 with glass lids
323.Miscellaneous bulk lot including Vintage torch, gas pump handle, tobacco tin, funnel, nutcracker, measuring sticks and more.
324.Vintage metal Top Value Stamps rack. 17x17x47
325.Vintage wooden Navajo Boat Paddle rack. 23x6x36
326.Coca Cola Park bench. Wooden slats with cast iron ends and center. 50x23x30
327.Coca Cola bistro table and chairs. 25" table and 2 chairs
328.Vintage reel mower. Does not turn
329.Vintage reel mower. Works, but damaged handle
330.Vintage reel mower. restored condition, but one wheel locked.
331.Miscellaneous bulk lot of Davey Allison items
332.Bulk lot of 9 albums of baseball cards. Count unknown. Includes many cards from the 70s and early 80s and a few from more current years.
333.Bulk lot of 3 albums of baseball cards. Count unknown. Mostly from the 1970s.
334.Miscellaneous bulk lot of baseball cards. All loose, count unknown. Mostly Braves cards. Includes Chipper Jones rookie, jersey card, Greg Maddux, John Smoltz, Tom Glavine rookies and many many more. Also includes 4 common cards from the 1950s and various card cases an protectors.
335.Almost complete 1967 Topps baseball set in binder. The 609 card set is missing 44 cards: 5,8,9,45,140, 150, 200, 210, 215, 250, 280, 289, 355, 400, 423, 460, 468, 471, 480, 515, 528, 540, 544, 545, 549, 553, 557, 560, 561, 569, 571, 576, 580, 581, 583, 586, 587, 591, 592, 600, 604, 605, 607, 609.
336.Vintage Fenton Intake manifold and 1930s era Ford wheel. Intake believed to be for a flathead Ford.
337.Miscellaneous bulk lot of classic car pieces. Steering wheel emblems, headlight bezels, instrument cluster, door handles, lights and more
338.Vintage Mustang emblems and taillight bezels
339.Lot of vintage Ford emblems including Mustang, Galaxie, Fairlane
340.Large Ford emblem. 9"
341.Miscellaneous vintage auto emblem lot including Ford, Dodge, Plymouth, "Deluxe" and more
343.Miscellaneous bulk lot of 13 various Ford emblems
344.Lot of 4 mid 1960s Ford Mustang hubcaps
345.Lot of 4 1960s era Pontiac hubcaps
346.Lot of 2 1960s era Mustang wire hubcaps. (one is fire damaged)
347.Lot of 5 1960s era Cadillac hubcaps
348.Lot of 6 1960s era truck hubcaps, 3 Ford and 3 Chevrolet
349.Miscellaneous bulk lot of 7 hubcaps including Corvette, Volkswagen, Ford, DeSoto and Buick
350.Lot of 4 1980s era advertising clocks. 3 Coca Cola and 1 Bud Light. Working condition unknown.
351.12 gallon ShopVac Ultra Pro. Older model, but new in box.
352.8 gallon ShopVac Ultra Plus. Good working condition
353.Schumacher jumpstarter/battery charger. Good working condition
354.Propane heater with tank
355.Pittsburgh 2 ton trolley jack. New in box
356.Pittsburgh hydraulic equipment kit. 8,000 lb capacity
357.6' aluminum ladder. Shaky, but useable.
358.Miscellaneous bulk lot of 4 paint sprayers and various accessories
359.Homelite electric chainsaw and Toro electric blower. Working condition unknown,
360.Lot of 3 halogen work lights
361.Large bulk lot of drillbits, driver bits, holesaws and more.
362.KBF Tungsten tap & die set
363.Makita hmmer drill with case
364.Dewalt drywall screw gun and Black & Decker drill
365.Dewalt and Speedway impact wrenches
366.Large miscellaneous bulk lot of various tools including wrenches, screwdrivers, sanders, pliers, shears and more
367.Large miscellaneous bulk lot of various tools including circular saw, sanders, angle grinder, hammers and much more
368.Berger Instruments surveying instrument with tripod and measuring stick
369.Lot of 2 Chicago Electric oscilating power tools. One lightly used, one new in box
370.Black and Decker belt sander, palm sander and Makita palm sander
371.Dewalt palm sander with case
372.Speedway Series reciprocating saw with case
373.Porter Cable 18v circular saw with battery charger and carrying bag
374.Dewalt jigsaw with case
375.Dewalt jigsaw with case
376.Black & Decker jigsaw with case and Ryobi circular saw
377.Dewalt circular saw with case
378.Craftsman circular saw with case
379.Dewalt belt sander with case
380.Freud 4" joiner machine with case
381.Rotozip spiral saw and vintage Sears rotary tool
382.Lot of 2 Bostich air nailers
383.Bostich brad nailer. New.
384.Bostich finishing nailer. New.
385.Port-A-Nailer flooring nailer
386.Lot of 2 Passlode battery powered nail guns. Batteries are no good
387.Older Ryobi 18v tool kit including circular saw, reciprocating saw, light, drill, 2 chargers and 3 batteries
388.Schumacher Mity Mite arc welder and welding helmet
389.Forney Mini Mig 135 welder
390.2 gallon portable air compressor. Make unknown. Good working condition
391.Campbell Hausfeld 5 hp, 20 gallon air compressor. Good working condition
392.Ace 10" Bench table saw on stand.
393.Craftsman 8" table saw
394.Delta 12" portable planer
395.Ryobi router on Vermont American table
396.Chicago Electric mitre saw
397.Workforce Tile saw
398.Tackforce 4" belt, 6" disk sander
399.Delta 4" belt, 6" disk sander
400.Bench grinder. make unknown, no shields, but in working order
401.Miscellaneous tool lot including sledgehammer, prybar, nail puller, Diamond and Stanley crescent wrenches, Channellock and Utica pliers
402.Miscellaneous bulk lot including jumper cables, electrical test light, soldering gun, electric measuring tape, laser level, electrical tape and more
403.Miscellaneous lot of new in package drill bits
404.Miscellaneous tool box starter kit including tools, jumper cables, zipties and more
405.5 piece pliers set and 6 piece brush set. New in package
406.5 piece pliers set and 6 piece brush set. New in package
407.22 piece screwdriver set and 8 piece gear drive wrench set. New in packages
408.Miscellaneous bulk lot of 11 vintage metal gas cans
409.Vintage Kenmore gas fireplace insert.
410.Vintage wood stove. Marked Columbus Iron Works. 19x28x28
411.Vintage wood burning stove. 17x13x24
412.Bulk lot of approximately 18 gallons of pennies. Some are damaged as reclaimed from a fire, most are not. Count unknown. Interested bidders are encouraged to inspect this lot in person

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