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SAR representatives will be on site Sunday, March 10th from 1 to 3 PM and Tuesday, March 12th from 11 AM to 1 PM for inspection and to answer any questions.
All items are located 211 Lambs Bridge Road Swainsboro, GA 30401.

We strongly encourage bidders to come inspect items for themselves.
Items are described to the best of our abilities, but with no guarantee of accuracy.

For more information contact Alex Grovenstein at: 912-657-1831 or alex@southauctiongroup.com

Pickup dates are Friday and Saturday, March 15th and 16th from 9 AM to 2 PM only. SAR representatives will not be on site after these designated pickup dates. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD!

Information regarding specific items was provided to SAR by the seller. Provenance on these pieces has not been verified. While we have no reason to believe they are not accurate, SAR makes no guarantee as to the validity of these claims. As always, interested bidders are invited and encouraged to inspect all items in person.
3Practice bidding here. You can experiment with different increments and bidding strategies before you dive into the real thing. 9.00
308Watling Scale Company coin operated fortune scale. Originally in front of shops in downtown Swainsboro, GA. Appears complete, but working condition is unknown. 310.00
309Windsor No 746 kerosene heater 39.00
310Singer model 29-4 sewing machine. Large industrial model used for sewing leather goods 260.00
311Lot of 2 bicycles and a pogo stick. One bicycle is a Flying O Otasco and the other is of unknown make 26.00
312Belknap Blue Grass bicycle. Missing one headlight bulb, flat tires and the seat has no cover. Appears otherwise complete. Rims are straight. Has been repainted.. 60.00
313Vintage soapbox derby car. Believed to have been from the Augusta area. Fragile, but appears complete. 60.00
314Vintage cast iron crib 55.00
315Antique cabinet with glass door. 29" wide, 13" deep, 62" tall 150.00
316Vintage childs desk. 25" wide, 16" deep, 54" tall 100.00
317Vintage farm table. Light green color. 59 1/2" wide, 33 1/4" deep, 30 1/2" tall. Some breaks and blemishes, but overall solid 41.00
318Bulk lot of 9 various vintage pictures of Swainsboro people and places 16.00
319Vintage Coca Cola box panel. 27x16 40.00
320Vintage Shell gas pump face and Amoco pump covers 22.00
321Lot of 2 vintage metal watering cans 31.00
322Vintage painting of native american. Oil on masonite type board. 39 1/2x22. Artist and origin unknown. 13.00
323Vintage Dayton Moneyweight scale. Originally from the Coleman grocery store in Swainsboro 85.00
324Cstom cabinet built from old door and miscellaneous wood pieces. 30" wide, 25" deep, 80" tall 46.00
325Vintage Evr-Kool Panama hat in original tube. 10.00
326Vintage Slingerland bugle. Believed to have been used by Emmanuel county soldier 35.00
327Vintage Coca Cola gumball dispenser. Glass globe, wooden base. 80.00
328Vintage Tom's Toasted Peanuts jar 75.00
329Vintage Lance jar 110.00
330Bulk lot of various Swainsboro City Court documents from the early 1900s 5.00
331Antique 2 gallon whiskey jug. Hole in bottom 17.00
332Lot of 2 wooden bowls. 18x14 and 8" round 27.00
333Vintage Coca Cola 6-pack and Coca Cola tray 36.00
334Keep off median sign. 18x24 12.00
335Vintage Stop sign. 24" 16.00
336Vintage wooden bookshelf. 36x13x38 15.00
337Vintage wooden hat/coat rack. 6' tall 29.00
338Vintage wooden and glass display case with doll collection. Case is in fair condition and in need of repair. Lot includes 17 vintage dolls and a child sized mannequin. Also includes a showcase with various baby items 65.00
339Vintage metal wagon. Rusty but not rusted through. One wheel is missing rubber. 20.00
340Vintage wooden side table and small bench with cast iron base 10.00
341Primitive hand made wood bench made from log. Possibly cypress. 44" wide 70.00
342Antique desk from the Summit (Twin City) to Millen Railroad depot. 6' wide, 30" deep, 56" tall at rear, 42" tall at front 80.00
343Antique pine pie safe. Excellent condition. Made of tongue and groove pine. Believed to have come from the Ivey Rountree estate. 46" wide, 71" tall, 20" deep. 390.00
344Antique white washed pie safe. Missing door. 41" wide, 18" deep, 61" tall 120.00
345Vintage wooden desk. 66" wide, 31" deep, 33" tall 50.00
346Miller Lite metal sign. 3' tall, 4' wide 45.00
347Roger Shaw for Mayor wooden sign. One side is weathered more than the other. 6' wide, 2' tall  
348Antique McCaskey Register Company stand. Originally used at the Coleman hotel registration stand. 80.00
349Vintage wooden tool box with 2 saws and sledge hammer 22.00
350Antique wooden chair with leather seat 8.00
351Antique pine cabinet. 7' tall, 37" wide, 17 1/2" deep. Believed to have come from the Ivey Rountree estate. Needs some repairs on top, but overall in good condition 55.00
352Antique wooden baptismal font. Believed to have come from a local AME Church 31.00
353Miscellaneous bulk lot including 8 vintage mixing bowls, antique stoneware jar and McCoy vase 32.00
354Huge miscellaneous bulk lot of glassware and decor. Count unknown. 6 boxes 55.00

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